Thursday, 29 October 2009

CMD/BAT Librarian

Unfortunately CMD.EXE, the command line interpreter in Windows, does not allows to collect favorite scripts under appropriate folders and use them multiple times in the future. So we have to use the "copy-and-paste" technology to migrate some needed functionalities from one script to another.

The script below allows to store debugged scripts under the determined folder, use them mutiple times, compile and link automatically to the final script.

Just save the script from the end of this article as libs.bat somewhere, create the folder libs there, and put your favorite scripts under this folder. The librarian is ready. After that you are able to use it immediately.
libs "lib1 lib2" script.bat options
The example above compiles the script script.bat with the libraries lib1 and lib2 to the temporary file, runs the derived script with the options and deletes this file after it's execution is accomplished.
libs "lib1 lib2 /k" script.bat options
The same as the previous example but the temporary file will be kept.
libs "lib1 lib2 /c" script.bat
The script and libraries are compiled together to the resulting script. The original script will be backed up, and the resulting file will be stored under the same name. So this script is ready to use as standalone script.
libs "/a /c" script.bat
libs "/a /k" script.bat
There is the option /A that allows to compile all available libraries with the main script. The option /C is used to compile to resulting file only and the option /K is used to compile to the temporary file and run it. After execution the temporary file will be kept on a disk.

It is not recommended to mix up the option /A with the list of libraries because the libs does not check duplicates of added libraries and this brings to the growth of the resulting script.
The actual version of the script is available by the following link - libs.bat - cmd-bat.
@echo off

if    "%~1" == ""   goto help
if /i "%~1" == "/h" goto help

if "%~dpnx0" == "%~dpnx2" (
    echo.Do not compile itself.
    exit /b 1


:: This tool variables
set libs_path=%~dpn0
set libs_temp=%~dpn2~%~x2
set libs_back=%~dpn2.bak
set libs_make=
set libs_keep=

set libs_cmd_copy=copy /y /b
set libs_cmd_move=move /y

if not exist "%~2" (
    echo.File not found: "%~2".
    goto error

dir /ad "%libs_path%" >nul 2>nul
if errorlevel 1 (
    echo.Path not found: "%libs_path%".
    goto error

:: Collect the main script with provided libraries
%libs_cmd_copy% "%~2" "%libs_temp%" >nul

call :comment "goto :EOF">>"%libs_temp%"

for %%a in ( %~1 ) do (
    if /i "%%~a" == "/c" (
        rem Compile only, not execute
        set libs_make=1
    ) else (
    if /i "%%~a" == "/k" (
        rem Compile, execute and keep
        set libs_keep=1
    ) else (
    if /i "%%~a" == "/a" (
        rem Use all libraries
        for /f %%l in ( 'dir /b /a-d /on "%libs_path%\*.bat" "%libs_path%\*.cmd"' ) do (
            call :append "%%~l"
    ) else (
    if exist "%libs_path%\%%~a.bat" (
        rem Looking for .BAT libraries
        call :append "%%~a.bat"
    ) else (
    if exist "%libs_path%\%%~a.cmd" (
        rem Looking for .CMD libraries
        call :append "%%~a.cmd"
    ) else (
        echo.Library not found: "%%~a".
        goto error

:: Compile the main script and provided libraries and run by the command:
:: libs "... /C" ...
if defined libs_make (
    if exist "%libs_back%" (
        echo.File already exist: "%libs_back%".
        goto error

    rem Store the original file under the backup name
    rem Save the new compiled file as the original one
    %libs_cmd_move% "%~2" "%libs_back%" && %libs_cmd_move% "%libs_temp%" "%~2"

    echo."%~dpnx2" has been compiled with all provided libraries.
    echo.The original file has been backed up to the "%libs_back%".

    goto EOS

:: Run the temporarily compiled script by the command:
:: libs "... [/K]" ...
set libs_args=

set libs_args=%libs_args% %3
if not "%~3" == "" goto loop

call "%libs_temp%" %libs_args%

if not defined libs_keep del "%libs_temp%" 2>nul
goto :EOF

if exist "%libs_temp%" del "%libs_temp%" 2>nul
exit /b 1

call :comment ":: %~n1">>"%libs_temp%"
%libs_cmd_copy% "%libs_temp%"+"%libs_path%\%~1" "%libs_temp%" >nul
goto :EOF

echo.:: %~n0 ^(c^) Copyright 2009 by Ildar Shaimordanov
goto :EOF

echo.Compiler ^(linker^) for batch files.
echo.%~n0 ^(c^) Copyright 2009 by Ildar Shaimordanov
echo.    %~n0 [/H]
echo.    %~n0 "LIBRARIES | /A [/C | /K]" PROGNAME [OPTIONS]
echo.  /A - Use all libraries
echo.  /C - Compile the main script and libraries to the whole file
echo.  /K - Keep a temporary file on a disk
goto :EOF

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