Sunday, 4 October 2009

WHICH: UNIX-to-NT ported

WHICH is unix-world command, implemented using CMD/BAT feature only.
@echo off

if "%~1" == "" goto help

rem No wildcards, no drives, no paths
echo.%~1 | "%SystemRoot%\system32\findstr.exe" /v ": \ * ? , ; /" | "%SystemRoot%\system32\findstr.exe" "%~1" >nul
if errorlevel 1 goto help

rem Looking up DOSKEY macros
for /f "tokens=1* delims==" %%a in ( '"%SystemRoot%\system32\doskey.exe" /macros' ) do (
    if /i "%~1" == "%%a" (
        echo.-- DOSKEY macro
        goto :EOF

rem Looking up builtins
rem This builtins list has been obtained by this script 
rem itself looking over the output of the 'HELP' command.
echo."%~1"|"%SystemRoot%\system32\find.exe" " " >nul
if errorlevel 1 (
    echo." assoc break call cd chdir cls color copy date del dir echo endlocal erase exit for ftype goto if md mkdir move path pause popd prompt pushd rd rem ren rename rmdir set setlocal shift start time title type ver verify vol "|"%SystemRoot%\system32\find.exe" " %~1 " >nul
    if not errorlevel 1 (
        echo.-- CMD internal
        goto :EOF


rem Looking up the external executable command using %PATH% and %PATHEXT%.
call :lookup found "%~1"

if not defined found (
    echo.%~n0: no %~1 in ^(%PATH%^)

    exit /b 1


goto :EOF

rem Looks up an external executable command using %PATH% and %PATHEXT%.
rem Stores the found full pathname to the provided variable.
rem @param  variable name
rem @param  filename
if not "%~x2" == "" goto lookup2

for %%c in ( "%PATHEXT:;=" "%" ) do (
    call :lookup2 "%~1" "%~2%%~c"
    if defined %~1 goto :EOF
goto :EOF

set %~1=%~$PATH:2
goto :EOF

echo.    %~n0 PROGNAME
echo.  where PROGNAME should not consist of drive, paths or wildcards
goto :EOF

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