Saturday 1 February 2020

Stop rotating the screen with CTRL+ALT+Arrows

It could happen that I forget about it and this short note is a chance to remember. [:Smile:]

There are two comprehensive recipes describing how to stop rotating the screen in Windows.

Recipe 1

In the Tray find the icon called Intel(R) HD Graphics

  1. Click on it
  2. Select Graphics Options
  3. Select Hot Keys
  4. Select Disable

If for some reasons you don't have this icon in the Tray, follow the next procedure.

Recipe 2

  1. Open Settings in the Windows Start Menu
  2. Select the icon System or type in the search field "change display settings"
  3. In the left side select Display
  4. In the right side find and click Display adapter settings

A new dialog (most likely called as Generic PnP Monitor and Intel(R) HD Graphics Family Properties) will be opened:

  1. In the dialog click on the tab Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel

The following step is useful as you will be able in the future to handle with it accordingly the Recipe 1.

  1. Check in Show Tray Icon

Continue tuning:

  1. Click the big button Graphics Properties...

New application will be launched (Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel):

  1. take a note that the home page is opened (or click on the icon designating a house in the circle in upper-left side of the application)
  2. Click Options and Support
  3. In the left side select Hot Key Manager
  4. In the right side find Manage Hot Keys and check in Disabled
  5. Click the button Apply in the right-bottom side

That's all! Now the feature is disabled and will not be annoying you when you accidentally tap these keystrokes.

When you need to turn on the feature, follow the Recipe 1 but select Enable.

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